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Use utilisation in a sentence “ you should try to make sure that you are doing your best to use utilisation to make your company better. thesis yeshitila admassu mekonnen april, haramaya university. the standard utilisation target for service businesses is 80% of available time. term « drug utilization« first appeared) to 87 in 1980, 167 in 1990, and 486 in.

space utilization optimization j- 9780 june 4 example of need for space utilization optimization larc, along with the rest of the agency and other federal and state organizations, as with much of the corporate world, continues to experience pressure to undergo major downsizing and reorganization. u· til· ized, u. background this study assessed trends in healthcare utilisation in relation to the implementation of an economic policy in india wherein 5 rupee notes were demonetised. recherche et téléchargement pdf de toute documentation technique : notice d' utilisation, manuel utilisateur, mode d' emploi, manuel d' installation, manuel de service, manuel d' atelier, manuel de réparation, schémas, codes d' erreur, vues éclatées, pièces détachées. easily automate, mange & optimize document workflow. the six assessment criteria within the calculators are classified into three categories: resource utilisation; management; and reusability. history has taught us that successful research in drug utilization requires multidisciplinary col- laboration between clinicians, clinical pharmaco- logists, pharmacists and epidemiologists. guide d’ utilisation français ( 27 – 38 ) guida per l’ uso italiano ( 39 – 50 ) benutzerhandbuch deutsch ( 51 – 62 ) appendix english.

as nouns the difference between utilisation and utilization is that utilisation is the act of using something while utilization is ( american spelling). utilization because we found that few of the agencies in the study monitored budget utilization closely, and that would have made it extremely difficult to measure budget utilization consistently across sites. utilization focused evaluation: a primer for evaluators: this book, written by ricardo ramírez and dal brodhead, is designed to support evaluators and program managers implement utilization- focused evaluation ( ufe). • use to help a group move from evaluation anxiety and resistance to focus on the potential benefits of evaluation. longer icu stays than postcardiac surgery pa- tients. the frequency rate measures the proportion of time that space is used.

create a positive vision for evaluation: if evaluation was really useful and actually used here, what would that look like? in order to avoid confusion, we have adopted the following definitions of these important performance statistics. all are expressed as percentages. utilisation - the. this efficiency can enable a carrier to reduce the number of airplanes it needs to have in its fleet to make an equal number of trips. try now for free! the chemical utilisation of carbon dioxide ( co 2) as feedstock for the production of valuable polymers is a rewarding challenge. progressive utilization theory ( prout) is a socioeconomic and political theory created by the indian philosopher and spiritual leader prabhat ranjan sarkar.

more importantly, owen ( footnote 13) highlights the interactive nature of the variables that lead to utilization and that very few studies have examined multiple causes of utilization of evaluation findings. supporters of prout ( proutists) claim that the theory exposes and overcomes the limitations of both capitalism and communism. fast, easy & secure. we target a capacity utilization or occupancy rate of 81%, which is the average of the official data series ( corrado and mattey, and a labor share of 60% in both the nontradable sector and. utilisation is in the following explored from two perspectives: emissions reduction and resource efficiency.

it’ s a measure of billing efficiency that helps the company understand if it' s billing enough to cover its cost plus overhead. the act of using something in an effective way: 2. resource utilization in government offices, the drivers being the least utilized. review and monitor emergency room utilization and make recommendations for the correction of utilization concerns. these differences must be kept in mind when eval- uating reports of utilization and outcome from particular icus. for utilization- focused evaluation 3.

it includes detailed discussion of the 12 steps for implementing ufe and also provides a number of case studies to guide the user. the reasons include inter- alia: - assignment of inadequate works to employees, perdiems allowance triggering employees to keep on soliciting for the same and truancy accompanied with lack of clear close follow up. english translation of “ utilisation” | the official collins french- english dictionary online. what is space utilisation? this figure is somewhat affected by the salvage of essential amino acids within the body, but is profoundly affected by the level of limiting amino acids within a foodstuff. co 2 utilisation can reduce emissions through two major effects: first - directly - through consuming co 2 and thereby avoiding its release in the atmosphere and second - indirectly - through substituting emission intensive inputs.

utilisation - the act of utilisation pdf using; " he warned against the use of narcotic drugs" ; " skilled in the utilization of computers". an employee' s utilization rate is a critical metric for organizations to track. utilization of evaluation findings have focused on instrumental use and very few studies have attempted to measure conceptual use. the budget preparation process a. definition of utilisation space utilisation is a measure of whether and how space is being used.

the utilisation rate is a function of a frequency rate and an occupancy. utilisation synonyms, utilisation pronunciation, utilisation translation, english dictionary definition of utilisation. define utilisation. upload, edit, fill, sign & export pdf forms from any device. utilization management as a cost- containment strategy by howard l. space utilisation is a measure of whether and how space is being used. “ we had a utilisation strategy in place and would use people in different areas as we needed them and utilisation pdf it was agreed to.

improves the utilization level to 2, 491 trips per year, an increase of 8. utilization of electrical energy pdf notes – uee pdf notes unit – i electric drives. edit- pdf- online. objectives of budget preparation during budget preparation, trade- offs and prioritization among programs must be.

monitor the volume of and rationale behind the issuance of mahp non- certifications of coverage. save time editing documents. 1 percent ( see fig. in the case of high salinity of the chao phraya river, egat has entered into an agreement for water utilisation with the metropolitan waterworks authority for power generation in north bangkok power plant block 1 instead. a detailed description of these interactions and the mechanisms by which they limit hydrolysis and utilization is beyond the scope of this paper and is the topic of several recent reviews ( 245, 749). i almost entirely agree with the considerations, but i would like to expand on the rapporteur' s reference to the lack of utilisation of the agreement by pelagic trawlers. medical icu patients tend to be older, have more utilisation pdf progressive, chronic diseases ( 29, 174, 248, 265) and have more concurrent illnesses ( 265).

eu coincido casi totalmente con estas consideraciones, pero quisiera matizar la alusión que hace el ponente al nulo aprovechamiento del acuerdo en la. what is a utilisation rate? activity - any specific behavior; " they avoided all recreational activity". utilisation and develops additional guidelines for taking a strategic approach to utilisation. utilisation: variationutilizationnounthe act of making use of something".

co 2 can either be used directly by copolymerization or indirectly by transformation of building blocks which were obtained from co 2 in a previous step. characteristics among the youth such as demographic, socio- economic, socio- cultural, knowledge and health system factors could influence utilization of reproductive health care. utilization synonyms, utilization pronunciation, utilization translation, english dictionary definition of utilization. l' interface utilisateur sur votre machine peut- être un. with increased average trip distance, airplane utilization in terms of flight hours increases but. save time editing text in pdf online.

the act of using something in an effective. define utilization. utilization is defined as the amount of an employee' s available time that' s used for productive, billable work, expressed as a percentage. utilization management ( um) is now an integral part of most public and private health plans. this article explains how productivity, efficiency and utilisation are defined in platinum. under the section 8 management assessment program ( semap), utilization rates of 98 percent or higher are considered full performance. com has been visited by 100k+ users in the past month. bailit and cary sennett. utilize definition, to put to use; turn to profitable account: to utilize a stream to power a mill. manuel d' utilisation d' amaya auteurs : irène vatton, vincent quint, josé kahan collaborateurs : charles mccathienevile, john russell, marja- riitta koivunen, laurent carcone ce manuel présente l' interface utilisateur d' amaya.

assessment of livestock feed resources utilization in alaba woreda, southern ethiopia m. over 100, 000 english translations of french words and phrases. it reviews practice and performance in space utilisation and develops additional guidelines for taking a strategic approach to utilisation. usage, use, utilization, exercise, employment. more information.

sarkar utilisation pdf conceived of prout in 1959. utilization definition: 1. this means that 80% of standard hours need to be recorded against a billable project/ job. this is defined as " ( charged hours divided by actual hours) x 100".

control permits the manufacturer to react to changing conditions on the plant floor and to keep people and machines at a high level of utilization" [ duns business month]. utilisation is an alternative form of utilization. the net protein utilization, or npu, is the ratio of amino acid mass converted to proteins to the mass of amino acids supplied. the utilisation rate is a function of a frequency rate and an occupancy rate. capacity utilisation and profitability: a decomposition of short run profit efficiency. methods in this ambidirectional observational study of private not- for- profit hospitals, data on hospital outpatient and inpatient numbers, surgeries, emergency department ( ed) visits, obstetric admissions and. how to use utilisation in a sentence? utilization of youth- friendly reproductive health services ( yfrhs) could save many adolescents from the numerous sexual and reproductive health problems. in addition to utilization data. type of electric drives, choice of motor, starting and running characteristics, speed control, temperature rise, particular applications of electric drives, types of industrial loads, continuous, intermittent and variable loads, load qualization.

creates readiness for evaluation by focusing on use and creating a. hospital review, until recently the primary focus of um, is associated with a reduction in bed days and rate of hospital cost increases. so if an employee’ s standard hours are 40 hours a week and they are on leave for a day, their available hours are 32 and their target is 80% of that; 25. what does utilisation mean? without the support of the prescribers, this rese-. review pharmacy data quarterly to establish and maintain an effective drug utilization review system including:. no installation needed.

the discussion below is focused primarily on cel-. extent of utilization of whole, untreated biomass materials.

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